1/4 Inch

The Randy Weaver Story

by Louis Beam

In 1985, the FBI approached Randy Weaver, a former Special Forces soldier in Viet Nam, and asked him to become an informant for the federal government. (The federals have over 12,000 paid informants nationwide, who's job it is to spy upon the American populace.) Weaver refused. He then filed an affidavit with his county recorder saying he feared for his life as a result of the refusal.

In August, of 1992, an eleven—day siege of the Weaver home in North Idaho began. A federal agent charged that Weaver had a shotgun with the barrel 1/4" too short. Weaver said it was a frame up for refusing to pimp for the government. Over 500 Federal personnel (federal marshals, FBI and ATF agents, US Army soldiers, some of whom had just returned from the killing fields in Iraq) surrounded the Weaver home; and above in the sky flew US Air Force planes and personnel. Included in the Federals on the ground were crack snipers, trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Their job was to kill Weaver. Weaver had vowed not to surrender to the Federals on the phony charges brought as punishment for refusing them.

The siege ended August 31, with the surrender of Weaver, but not before the red-White-and-Blue star-spangled-taxpayer-paid snipers had shot Weaver's 14-year old son Samuel in the back, killing him, and blew Weaver's wife's head apart as she stood at the front door of the cabin, as she was holding their ten-month-old baby girl in her arms. Your government's sniper bullet shattered Mrs. Weaver's skull (a mother of four) with such force that as her skull exploded, bone fragments struck the chest and arm of family friend Kevin Harris as he was running through the doorway, causing serious infection in his lung. The baby, covered with the crimson blood of it's mother, fell to the floor in screams of un-understanding terror. (Do I say the pledge of allegiance to the flag now, or may I wait till the nausea has passed?) Two other children, a sixteen-year-old girl and a ten-year-old girl, watched in horror as their mother fell dead to the floor, barely escaping injury or death themselves.

The federals, have, by these two murders of a child and woman, violated the rules of civilized warfare. War is made upon men, not upon women and children.

This federal act of barbarity against women and children must be punished— in the courts of justice, if possible— in the court of last resort, if not.

The federals have made a terrible error in the Weaver case that they will long regret. Their cruelty and callous disregard for the rules of civilized warfare will have the effect of solidifying opposition to them. Long after Weaver is tried and has been freed by the courts as an innocent man wrongfully accused, there will be 10,000 White men in this country who harbor in their hearts a terrible hatred for the federals and all they stand for, coupling their hatred with a burning desire to see the federals pay for their crime against nature. Tens of thousands will now see clearly the face of an enemy that before they could not visualize. The attack upon the Weaver family was an attack upon all of us.

It is true that Vicky and Samuel Weaver's blood now stains the ground around their small cabin on a remote mountain top, but it is also clear that their blood stains the flag of the federal government and every single person who serves that government.

The Federals will get their 1/4" of gun barrel, along with the other 18 or so inches that comes behind it. Mark my word, this incident, like that of the murder of Gordon Kahl, will not go away. The blood of these innocent ones, like a prism, makes everything clear. Men across this nation will sit quietly in their homes planing, plotting, praying, and waiting. Then someday, without a signal from anyone—yet, as if a signal had came from everyone—they will walk quickly out their front doors with a look of grim determination on their faces. It will happen. It will happen nationwide. Ten thousand Randy Weavers are spread out from one Coast to the other. 1/4" is all the federals said they wanted from Randy Weaver. The rest of us will give them the other 18. Payback, some will call it. For others, it will be and act of true patriotism in the spirit of Lexington and Concord. For Randy Weaver's son Samuel, and wife Vicky, it will be justice.

Last Update: 09/29/96