October, 1996


 It is now almost ten years since my arrest, trial, and subsequent release at Fort Smith Arkansas for Sedition. I have given the folk another decade of my life at great expense to my family. Since 1969 I have been in the struggle. For a year and a half prior to that I was in Vietnam and it truly seems to me as if the war there has never ended. 1967 to 1996, a long time in any one's calendar.

I intend to give my family the next years of my life. They need me and have born so much on my account. Additionally, as a result of exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam, my health declines. I have concealed this for years but now find myself less than fit to continue as in days before. I have for thirty years given my all. I pray others will do the same.

This struggle for truth and justice does not tire. Born this day are those who will proclaim the banner of liberty, freedom, and self-determination for our folk into the next millennium.

Whatever small part I have played is but another drop upon the thirsty sands of time. Know that I have done my best, while trying always to exemplify the principles of honor, duty, loyalty, and courage. Let an honest history judge.

May our Father keep you strong in our just and righteous cause.

Remember: "An ounce of courage when put to the test is worth a ton of cleverness."

Louis Beam October 1996