The Global Village---Is Sick
By Louis Beam

Text Box: The so-called “Global Village” is in fact not a village at all, but rather a corporate owned Police State. A district surrounded by police, soldiers, and tanks ready to move on a moments notice with but a spark of pretext to annihilate those who refuse to shine the boots of elitist leaders.

The United States and its hit men of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (hereafter referred to as NATO) continue occupying countries around the world to enforce the mandates of the New World Order. Mandates enforced by bullying, berating, or when necessary, by bombing those nations who do not submit to the dictatorship of the democratic elite. This dictatorship of the democratic elite deserves analysis and explanation. Allow me.

The elite of the New World (dis)Order gather at yearly private meetings and democratically decide, among themselves, what policies, issues, and social/anti-social programs are to be pushed, promoted, and forced forward on the people of the world. These meetings, which go by various names such as the Bilderberger, Trilateralist Commission, or Council on Foreign Relations and other such mundane sounding monikers, are more important to the quality of life that most Americans and Europeans will experience than any other single event, other than loss of employment, divorce, or severe illness. Yet, most people are completely ignorant of these men, their secretive decisions, and how they so dramatically and forcefully affect their lives, wealth, and future.

The majority of those attending these meetings are not elected officials of their various countries, but rather the people who funded the campaign coffers of those who got elected. Nowadays, it is a rare instance when a politician is bought after he is elected. That is the way it was done in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Today, those with the money to buy politicians have found it much more cost effective to purchase candidates before the elections. With the sort of metrics that this economy of scale produces - most politicians are owned by special interest groups- long before they ever take an oath to serve “the people.”

In the case of U.S. presidents, the decision as to who will be the next “elected” president is decided no less than two, and often three years before the primaries begin. In the spring of 1998, this author wrote that George Bush Jr. had been selected as the next president of the United States. This announcement was made prior to Bush throwing his hat into the ring publicly. This pre-campaign intelligence was obtained by the author (a simple East Texas country boy) with nothing more than a thorough reading and analysis of the extant media coverage of George Bush Jr. One need only follow the New York Times, the coverage provided by ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN to know in advance whom the One Worlders have chosen as their straw man to represent them and the American Police State they are currently erecting. Bush was their man, I said.

The same men who buy candidates and politicians have already bought these same news outlets and corporate media conglomerates many years previous. The news media simply reflects in lauding editorials and complimentary coverage the “favorite son” (bought prostitute) secretively chosen in the real election held in the politically correct back rooms of the One Worlders. The phony circus side shows, held only for the befuddled, deceived, and dumbfounded are called primaries and elections. Like Stalinist Russia, the candidates are hand-picked lackeys of mega corporations without borders. So vote for whichever one you please. Such then is elitist democracy!

The Butcher of the Balkans, Bill Clinton, straw man for the secretive, elitist, one world war mongers, was unable to understand why Serbs, or anyone for that matter, would be willing to die for such causes as love of country, sense of duty, or honour. Clinton, a typical internationalist, grew to hate the Serbian soldiers when he found out they fought the war without pay, unlike the U.S. military, which has become the best paid mercenary army in the world ready to bomb, shoot, or kill at a moment's notice from him or his successor, G.W. Bush. Clinton was unable to understand Serbian tenacity, because this cowardly traitor in chief smoked pot, chased hippie girls, and ran from military service, while braver young men than him, served and died in Vietnam.

The New World Order that Clinton and his media masters imagine, is one of bombs and bullets for those who refuse to go along with the program. America will produce the bombs, bullets, and men to shoot them. Meanwhile, the rich, the powerful, and the morally weak will continue to lavish themselves richly while they see to it that the rest of us do our duty (to them) or go to jail. The so-called “Global Village” is in fact not a village at all, but rather a corporate owned Police State. A district surrounded by police, soldiers, and tanks ready to move on a moment's notice with but a spark of pretext to annihilate those who refuse to shine the boots of elitist leaders. Whether it be "no knock dynamic entries" of citizens' homes by black booted, black suited, machine gun toting federal goons in the United States, or cruise missiles through the roofs of home owners in Serbia or Iraq---the mission is the same---suppress those who do not follow and obey the agenda of the New World Order.

That the democratic pretext of allowing people to choose their leaders and form of government is a sham is easily shown. Austrians recently voted heavily for a new political party that reflects the national interest of Austria and its people. As a result the U.S. police state is threatening the people of Austria, insisting that if they let those whom they elected take office there will be political and economic reprisals. Sham! “Vote for whom you please but if you vote for a non-elitist, non New World Order government, we will come after you. We will make you pay.” What happened to the vaunted rights of self-determination we were told to fight and die for since 1941? Pretense! Lies! Nothing but force and threats are the real character of the elitist supported “democracies.” There is no democracy. There are only hypocritical Orwellian words coupled to a life support system of bombs, bullets, profits, and police. 

The Global Village dreamed of by Hillary Clinton and her hit man/woman Janet Reno, and others like them in Washington, will be a stone age free for all where might makes right with nothing "New" and no "Order."

Mankind has been there before. Several millennium later these neo-troglodytes in three-piece-suits using technology, that took mankind five thousand years to develop, wish to throw us backwards into a pre-civilized world. An old, ugly world for modern times. One that defines itself by the number of clubs it can smash against heads, cruise missiles it can bomb others into submission with, and ruthless brutalities it can commit on mostly unarmed civilians in the name of "peace."  Women and children first, of course. As all of historical experience shows clearly, nothing remains for these evil bastard fiends to triumph “but for good men to do nothing.” To think in defeated terms, to live cowardly lives, to remain silent when others are brutalized, meanwhile selfishly thinking of one's own hedonist economic gain---this is the man of today! A heartless creature of the corporate state. Too dumb to think, too cowardly to protest, too unmotivated to resist. To hell with such weak, miserable worms unable to raise their heads above the dust.

And indeed, our public fool system (schools,) equally as well as the corporate media, foster and teach such behaviour with accompanying lack of critical thinking.

Yugoslavia was designed by the One Worlders to set a precedent for murderous raids into any nation that resists the New World (dis)Order. Today Kosovo, tomorrow the world! With stops in Idaho, Waco, Texas, or Iraq and Latin America as needed. It is all the same to our elitist rulers, people to be suppressed, liberty to be quashed, self-determination to be denied.

Unfortunately for the missile throwers of NATO and the tank drivers of the FBI, there are Serbs, Americans, Austrians, as well as other freedom loving people throughout the world, who have not signed off on this program of bombs and brutality known by the Orwellian moniker of democracy. Indeed, the manipulations of the media, the governments of terrorism: U.S., Britain, etc., and talking head stoolies for the NWO, are increasingly shocked by the stubborn headed resistance of freedom loving people throughout the Global Village. "How can it be?" they ask? How can there still be people left in the village who believe in liberty, freedom, self-determination and a destiny of their own choosing? Has not ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN proclaimed the birth of the democratically constructed NWO? Worship government, obey government, do not question authority, live your cowardly little miserable lives in relative comfort while conforming, or face the deformed atavistic monster know as your government, with its all powerful, all knowing ability to get into the face or door of anyone who dissents.

This is no new age. This is a return to an old age. A stone age with technology.  Man is regressing to the use of the club and brute force once again as the mediator of conscience. The Federal government of the United States using tactics similar to "search and destroy" methods employed in Vietnam, imposes its will upon all. These would be tyrants of all mankind are seeking out, one at a time, those who oppose them. "Today Serbia, tomorrow the World!" is their secret cry. Mark my words…there will be more nations to invade, bomb, destroy, as corporations without borders (but with plenty of cruise missiles) expand under the guise of democracy and "free trade."

These dirty little people with big budgets, big bombs, and cowardly hearts had best brace themselves for a 21st century reality check. Serbians are not the only freedom loving people in the village who believe enough in themselves, their families, and their homeland to fight back. Brewing wherever the hearts of man long for freedom is worldwide opposition to the “democratically” constructed cauldron of blood, bones, misery and suffering at the behest of the corporate police state.

No more wars! No more police states! This then is the cry of this century. No left, no right, just liberally being right. This day, our day, is a monumental conflict of the ages between good and evil. A resurrection of charity, hope, faith and love blended with self-determination for all of the people in the world. That is OUR dream of a Global Village. We, the good people of the world, are no longer isolated from each other; we hear the cries of our fellow man as the black boot of tyranny begins its endless stomping upon the face of mankind. We hear, and we will respond.... Freedom! Your sons and daughters hear thy call!

by Louis Beam