Yugoslavian Crest

Kosovo, The Alamo of Europe

By Louis Beam

"If President Milosevic continues to choose aggression over peace, NATO's military plans must continue to move forward," President Clinton told reporters on the White House lawn. "Our objective in Kosovo remains clear: to stop the killing and achieve a durable peace that restores Kosovars to self-government.@

For anyone even vaguely familiar with the doublespeak of George Orwell=s famous book 1984 Clinton=s words ring with so much irony that it is deafening. ATo stop the killing@ Clinton will kill Serbian people until they accept his terms. To Aachieve a durable peace@ he will begin a war against the nation of Yugoslavia. To Arestore self-government@ he must destroy the current lawful government of another nation and institute a foreign government conceived by non-Yugoslavian people. Is this the president of the United States talking or some sex craved maniac with cruise missiles at his disposal?

AHumane concerns@ Clinton says. Let the world not forget that it was Bill Clinton who unleashed tanks, fire and bullets against peaceful church members in Waco, Texas killing eighty men, women and children without a tinge of regret, conscience, or sorrow. Now this baby killing, church burning, drug using, draft dodging, woman raping, perjuring lying adulterer---who calls himself the President of the United StatesChas begun killing Europeans in the name of the American people!

The United States under Bill Clinton has become a terrorist country. Unleashing cruise missiles, bombs, fire, death and destruction upon the heads of people from one side of the world to the other. As our once proud flag is sullied and disgraced by these murderous acts; the world looks upon us here in the United States as cruel people who at the flick of a switch are ready to destroy the lives and homes of people they have never met and whom have never harmed them.

What the United States and NATO are engaging in is nothing less than naked aggression against a foreign state. The same sort of aggression that started World War II.

The bombing of this small European country is ugly terrorism of the worst sort. When here in the United States Timothy McVeigh bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City with a single rental truck loaded with explosives---killing men, women and children----he justified his act by saying he was sending the government a warning. President Bill Clinton and his mad bombers in Washington D.C. have unleashed on Serbian people the very first night of the bombing an equivalent of 865 Ryder rental trucks filled with explosives and used the exact same justification to kill! AWe are sending the government of Yugoslavia a message that they must negotiate@ Clinton told CNN News. His message of death like that of McVeigh, will destroy the lives of people who have harmed no one.

No terrorist group in the world has exploded more bombs, killed more people, destroyed more factories, shopping centers, schools, building and homes then the Pentagon has under Bill Clinton. We have become the chief terrorists of the world. Alas! Such complete shame, dishonour and disgrace upon the great country founded by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

That the United States of America has sunken so low as to be lead by such a disgraceful pervert as Clinton is a sure sign that we are near the end of our once great civilization and nation. And a warning: the American people are not without guilt in the crimes that this man perpetrates against other human beings. Whether he is killing people in Waco, Texas or Iraq (you remember themClast months enemy), the Sudan, Afghanistan, or in Yugoslavia, the citizens in this country share in his guilt for crimes committed. He is after all an elected official and whether one voted for him or not just being a citizen of the country which makes his miserable rule possible---establishes one as an accomplice to his sins. If you do not understand why this is so then you have been watching too much television. For it is clear to thinking people everywhere, that those who mindlessly support or assist Clinton in his message of death---share in the guilt of innocent blood being so vilely shed.

From A White House To A Whorehouse

Those who have changed the White House into a whorehouse, those who have protected both the whore mongers and the whores, are not just evil, violent, vicious criminals --- they are YOUR GOVERNMENT. Remember this: in the past before this present mad terror campaign in Yugoslavia, Arab women and children were blown to pieces in front of their husband=s very eyes by cruise missiles for no other reason than an American presidential pervert=s desires to take attention away from his ignominious deeds. With a cigar in one hand, and a slut in a blue dress in the other, Clinton turned our White House into his own personal whorehouse. Is it then unreasonable to expect that at some point in the future our shores will be crossed by aggrieved stricken men who=s sole reason for coming is the desire to punish such injustice? When they come here to exact their revenge (for I believe they will) will you then find the moral fortitude to speak out against mad bombing in other countries? To become a real citizen who cares for his nation=s future enough to oppose evil in high places? It may then be too late.

Those who cross our shores to exact vengeance will fight for the memories of families now destroyed by cruise missiles. They can not get at the president of the United States. He sits safely in his white/whore house. He has ten thousand FBI agents to protect him. So they will come for you. Or someone like you. As there is a God in Heaven it is certain justice will fall upon the heads of the people of this nation for not speaking out and opposing these evil men in Washington.

And can you really claim with a clear conscience, and in truth, that you have no part in these bombings by Clinton when you pay the taxes that build the bombs that kill the children, wives and families of people around the world? Think about it. Look at this matter through the eyes of some aggrieved person who has lost his family to your tax bought bombs. He knows you watched television, or went out to a nice restaurant, or perhaps enjoyed a sporting event, while the blood of his wife and children was running between his fingers and dripping from his hands soaking ever so slowly into far away desert sands. Though you may feel no responsibility for violent acts of your government---it is still your government and others certainly hold you responsible. While it is true an Arab avenger cannot bring the desert to you and show you the blood of his loved ones, he can bring you pain, and the terror he knows so well. And he will...

New World Order Police Use Missiles and Television

The New World Order has plans for Europe. And the leading force of one world government has been and continues to be the United States. NATO and not the UN are the world police forces which will bomb, kill, terrorize, and destroy until the whole of Europe and the rest of mankind agrees to submit. A world order led by the likes of George Bush, Bill Clinton, and of course the next degenerate pervert that buys his way into the President of the United States office with illegal foreign campaign donations, support of the eight sinister corporations that own 87% of the news media in the United States, and drug money from CIA operations in Latin America, Mena Arkansas, and elsewhere.

NATO=s supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, on CNN news sinisterly stated ALet=s not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That=s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.@ So all the forked tongue talk by Clinton of bombing people to save lives is a cover for a secret one world agenda. An agenda the average person has no idea exists or what its effect upon his life will be. But soon people will find out. Today Serbia is bombed but tomorrow it will be another country. Until the whole earth is consumed in a gigantic war to the death between freedom loving people everywhere and those that Clinton and NATO represent.

This controlled news media has made it a purpose to see that American people do not know who they should be supporting and what the real issues in Yugoslavia are. Deliberately, maliciously, and with great malice the Serbs have been portrayed day and night in an evil light while those they fight are described as Ahelpless refugees.@ There is a good reason for this gross deception and manipulation of the American peoples minds. Sex offender Clinton is supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a terrorist organization, according to our own state department who in 1997 placed them on a list of terrorist groups. This Islamic Albania terror army is funded by a Muslim drug cartel marketing heroin in the United States and Europe. The KLA has for several years bombed, killed and murdered innocent Serbian men, women and children in an attempt to set up an independent Muslim government in the Christian Nation of Yugoslavia. A terror campaign that is completely hidden from the television screens and newspapers of the United States.

Americans have heard nothing about KLA terror but rather only about the legitimate response President Milosevic of Yugoslavia has carried out with police and the military to stop insurrection and terror bombings conducted by the KLA. The KLA is guilty of bombing schools, restaurants, shopping centers, public buildings, assassinations, murder, rape and all the assorted types of horrid activities that a cruel war produces in men. Yes there have been human rights abuses by both sides. The Serbs are no more, nor less guilty than the KLA of such things. But this is no time for hypocrites to throw their bombs around! It should be remembered that in February of 1945 in a single night over Dresden, Germany the US Air Force fire bombed and killed 125,000 German refugees fleeing the Soviet army. Like wise, in the time that it takes for your own heart to beat twice the United States killed 214,000 human beings with the Atomic bomb. The United States killed in just two days of a four year war 339,000 people. Many more than the Serbian army and police have killed in the entire time of their struggle with the Kosovo Liberation Army. Never perhaps, in the entire history of the human race has such blatant hypocrisy risen to this level. Clinton=s condemnation of the Serbs rises up like the stench of all those dead and burnt bodies to choke the very souls of honest thinking people throughout the world.

Prince Lazar     Some Background    Gracanica Monastery

Because of the control of the news media most people do not understand the real battle being waged inside the borders of Yugoslavia. Let me then tell you about it. 600 years ago Islamic hordes invaded Christian Europe. They destroyed everything in their path. Those who refused to convert to Mohammedism suffered horrible fates. The Serbian women were first raped and then sold along with their children into slavery. Serbian men not killed on the battle field were castrated and blinded to make them docile slaves for their Turkish masters. Whole cities became a single funeral pyre with their flames reaching toward heaven for the thousands who lived in them as they were burned by the invaders. At one point in their advance into Serbia the Turks nailed some 12,000 Serbians to crosses mocking the death of Christ and the Faith of the Serbs. The Turkish invasion of Europe seemed unstoppable as they swept over everything in their path with fire and sword. Until they reached the Kosovo Plain.

For it was there that in 1389 some 77,000 Christian knights and soldiers met the Turks. All of them pledging to each other and to Christ that they would die rather than convert to Mohammedism and lose their liberty. With prayer and fasting and the Cross of Christ before them, 77,000 Christian men led by Serbian Prince Lazar engaged in a gory battle to the death. Giving their life=s blood not just to save the freedom of SerbiaCbut of all Europe from the advance of Mohammed=s enslaving hordes. When the battle was over the cream of Serbian manhood lay dead in great heaps on the blood drenched field along with their Prince. But their death did not come easy for the Muslims. These martyrs for their faith fought so heroically, exacting such a tremendous toll upon the Islamic soldiers, that the advance into the heart of Europe was halted. During the battle a group of knights having heard that their Prince was dead, raced headlong through the enemy lines charging into the very center of the enemy camp where they slew in his tent the Turkish leader Emir Murad I. There they too died in desperate hand to hand combat outnumbered two hundred to one.

Thenceforth Kosovo Field became to the Serbian people Acampo santo,@ The Holy Field. It is considered by many historians of the Christian Church to be the single greatest tomb of Christian martyrs killed in a single day. No other single larger sacrifice of Christians is know. Rome had it=s glory. But Serbia has Kosovo! Each year on St Vitus= Day the Serbs honour the holy martyrs of Kosovo Plain and commemorate that epic sacrifice to freedom and the Faith of Christ with prayer and fasting.

Such is the history of the Alamo like stand of Serbian manhood against the invading foes of Western Christian Civilization. Kosovo province is the heart and soul of Serbia and they will not yield it to today=s Albanian Muslim terrorists backed by American cruise missiles and B2 bombers. The United States= aggression against the Serbs will be valiantly opposed by the descendants of those who died upon Kosovo Plain. The attempt to break it away from the Serbian nation will fail and America will reap more shame and condemnation for it=s cowardly bombing of the Yugoslavian people. Like the Mexican commander Santa Anna who called for the Texans to surrender before his troops stormed the walls of the Alamo, Clinton has called for the surrender of Kosovo. He will not get it. And he will make martyrs of those he kills. Liberty and Faith still has it=s defenders.

Forced Serb Migration of 1690
The Migration of the Serbs, Patriarch Arsenie was forced to move his people in 1690. 185,000 Serbs were forced from Kosovo