Exclusive to THE JUBILEE
March 28,1993 by Louis Beam

It looked exactly like a made for TV holocaust movie. The trucks pull up in front of the church. Black booted, black suited, black helmeted men jump down and rush the doors beating on them with rifle butts while others with scaling ladders began to climb to the second floor. Soldiers break out windows and toss in hand grenades. Inside the building can be heard women and children screaming who but moments before were at prayer. Suddenly, in a break with holocaust movie tradition the helpless victims inside begin to fight back. Bullets tear into the ranks of the attackers. Several black boots who are kicking out windows on the roof top are hit by gunfire and fall to the ground. This can't be a synagogue, Jews never fight back and are always dragged off to a concentration camp somewhere to be gassed. There must be a production mistake. No, not a mistake. Just America 1993 rather than Germany 1943. The guys in black are not storm troopers but rather federal troopers. The people under attack are not submissive Jews but militant Christians.

Sooner or later it was bound to happen. Kick in enough doors in and around America and eventually you kick in the wrong one. The ATF federals have been playing lets make a deal for too long. "And behind this door we have a craven, cringing coward, clinging to life, ready to rub his own nose on the floor if the black boots will only allow him to do so before using their gun butts on him" says Monty. "But wait, what do we have behind this door? You will never know till you open it." The ATF opened the wrong door in Waco. What started out as a photo opportunity for up and coming police state terrorists from the ATF (the news media had been invited to come along for the fun) ended in a debacle that tactically could not have gone much worse for them. In a fierce exchange of gunfire the jack boots were driven from the roof top of the church and penned down behind their vehicles out front. In the air above were three U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters with ATF assault teams in them firing down into the church complex. Two were shot down (one helicopter sustained 25 hits) the third with it's field commander on board, Theodore Royster, fled the scene. Not only were they out fought in front and on top of the church, but when hot lead begin to bounce off of federal bullet proof vests, ATF agents immediately lost their eagerness for playing storm trooper and were seen jumping from the building in desperate attempts to get away.

Suddenly $1,800 a month and a burial policy did not produce the courage necessary to fight those who stood for deeply held religious beliefs. And this is the real tactical advantage the defenders had. The Davidian sect members were fighting for their faith, the federals for a promised pay check at the end of the month. You have to live to collect the check and the ATF black boots decided pay day was more important than church day, their will broke, they fled, and it was recorded on tape by Channel Ten Waco. Literally millions of people in the Southwestern United States saw on their television sets the amazing spectacle of highly trained ATF black boots leaving the compound with their hands extended into the air after having surrendered. Officially the ATF asked for the cease fire in order to remove four dead and sixteen wounded. The real reason was that after a failed assault and a 45 minute shootout with Davidians the ATF was running low on ammo and had to use the wounded as their excuse to make a strategic retreat. Screaming for a cease fire the federals convinced the kind hearted and gentle souls inside to grant them mercy; no doubt many of them will live to regret it. What does it look like to send 123 federal representatives of the NEW WORLD ORDER withdrawing in defeat? Much different than the pictures we are accustomed to seeing on TV of invincible federal strike teams rolling over all opposition. On the video (as shown on national TV) for all to see is jack boots from the ATF getting their plow cleaned by a sect of central Texas Christians who just wanted to be left alone. "Who fired the first shot?" That too is on the video: The tape appears to show a gun happy ATF agent climbing up a scaling ladder shooting himself in the lower leg or foot then screaming "I'm hit." At that point the ATF opened up on the Church. The tape is being copied, bootlegged, and will no doubt soon surface around the country.

As the fire fight developed into a siege, the feds removed their second string jack boots and brought in the real terrorist: the FBI, who make the Soviet KGB look like amateurs. Quickly taking charge, the FBI began immediate damage control and cover up of crimes committed by the ATF. Ancillary to assuming control the FBI began to isolate the church from all outside contact so that every piece of information as to what occurred during and following the raid would be filtered through the bureaus disinformation-information specialists. This iron curtain of guns, tanks, and helicopters would make Joe Stalin rub his hands in glee were he but alive to see it, for it insured information flow to the public was one way. (This control would not have been immediately possible had there been a single cellular phone inside.) FBI verbal technicians make a specialty of "event" spin doctoring and management of information and its distribution to control the mental picture formed by people of any event; it is an attempt to restrict the thought process to a single avenue of expression to prevent independent, logical consideration of the issue at hand. In other words, non-channeled thought is road blocked by the shear volume of disinformation-information disseminated by the thought channelers.

Examples of thought channeling could be seen as soon as the first stories of the failed assault hit the news service. "We were out gunned" said ATF Special Agent in charge Theodore Royster a presumed Equal Economic Opportunity employee who led the botched raid. Two days later when Royster was replaced (believed sent back to East LA) with an information specialist from Washington this claim was dropped, and in fact emphatically disputed by a higher up in the ATF, who stated "we had at our disposal all the weapons necessary for the operation" which of course they did, and this could not be intelligently denied as the video tape showed the ATF not only carrying fully automatic weapons, but tossing grenades as well, while ATF agents in US military helicopters above the compound were pouring automatic weapons fire through the roof tops (killing at least one Davidian as she slept in her bed). In addition, the ATF had a numerical superiority of three attackers to each male defender of the church, so it could hardly be said that the ATF had been "out gunned," but the original claim stuck to the minds of millions, and was instrumental in molding public opinion.

As various government thought channelers went smoothly to work an unfavorable picture was painted of the Davidians. The church members were accused of money laundering by the IRS, child molestation by the FBI, and shooting at agents with a 50 caliber machine gun by the ATF. By the fifth day of the federal siege each of these claims had been dropped in the light of evidence to the contrary. Yet millions remember the accusations and their thoughts were successfully channeled by the specialists from Washington. It is not disputed that the Davidians have what most people would consider to be strange and aberrant religious beliefs, but none of those beliefs warrant a federal strike team of jack boots killing women and children. On the day funerals were held for the ATF agents, a cynical specialist in thought channeling used the deaths of the agents to further confuse and control public opinion. ATF spokesman Jack Killorin said of the 45 minute fire fight "That it is outside the norm of the battlefield, I can't recall in my life any fire fight that lasted more than a few minutes." It was he continued "the worst killing field in American law enforcement history." From the Battle of the Bulge in France, to the killing fields of Cambodia where millions died an image was fostered upon people by government disinformation-information specialist. An image reinforced by willing accomplices in television, newspapers, and magazines on a daily basis, thus effectively road blocking logical independent thinking.

On Wednesday the forth day of hostilities, such putrid dribble began to fall from the mouth of FBI spokesman Jeffrey Jamar, that many thinking people no doubt were forced to turn off their radios rather than listen to his lip tripe. When asked at the press conference why the federals were restraining themselves he spoke of "humanitarian concerns" for the people inside. When quizzed as to whether the government was "prepared to storm the church again today if necessary to resolve the situation" he replied, "We have always found that negotiations are better in a situation like this." Where were the governments "humanitarian concerns" when over 100 agents were indiscriminately pouring lead into the church killing women and children? Where were the "negotiations" before the jack booted feds were whipped in a fire fight by less than half their number of men? "Humanitarian concerns?" What about the two elderly women one 75 years and the other 78 who came out of the compound on the third day and were immediately charged with conspiracy, murder, and attempted murder, then thrown into the county jail even though one was near blind after five cataract operations and the other a virtual invalid. It was not until outrage by citizens throughout the state of Texas were forcefully expressed that the charges were dropped. The elderly women however, still remained in jail being held as "material witnesses" until a "deal" was worked out granting them freedom in exchange for absolute silence as to what went on during the ATF assault. The federals feared public outrage would force them to withdraw and allow state authorities to step in exposing their crimes if any victims were allowed to speak.

Meanwhile, outside the church the FBI unleashed their "elite" hostage rescue team. (Elite one may suppose, because they are the only police unit in American history to ever shoot a woman nursing her baby in the head as they did Mrs. Weaver in Idaho last year. "Women And Children First!" is their motto.) Snipers surrounded the entire church and using M 21 rifles with Sionics suppressors (match grade 308 caliber M14 rifles) they have kept anyone from signaling the outside world except at the peril of their life. By day fourteen the long range cameras of the media which are dept two miles away began to show more bullet holes in the church as FBI snipers terrorize night and day those inside. With no water except that provided by rain, no medical teams allowed in to treat wounded men, women, and children, with the church complex being bombarded with high intensity micro waves it became clear that Japanese prisoners in World War II were treated better. Indeed the FBI would be subject to certain War Crimes trials similar to those held in Nuremberg Germany were those in the church a foreign enemy. The outstandingly humanitarian FBI does it best to depersonalize those inside by referring to a two year old child killed in the initial ATF assault as "a dead cult member" while in the same sentence referring to those inside as "hostages." The whole church is hostage, hostage to FBI terror. Huddled inside women and children count the long hours wondering if they will live to see the sunrise. No savage Indian attack upon pioneers, no oriental butchery of trapped soldiers, no murdering rapist in the night ever treated their victims more cruelly.

When this writer, while attending the "day 13" ATF/FBI press conference asked the associate director of the ATF Dan Conroy from Washington D.C. "...if we are seeing the emergence of a police state" his answer was "I refuse to answer that question." The question was answered however, in another way, as soon as the conference ended: this writer was surrounded by police and told to hand over press card, drivers license, and "you will have to come with me" greeted his ears. Knowing no crime other than thought crime had been committed the writer stood his ground and refused to meekly submit to custody. With over a hundred reporters and television crews watching and filming the writer used the opportunity to express to the assembled media that "this is what happens in America when you ask a forbidden question." The police intimidated by unwanted sunshine upon dirty deeds backed off and returned papers. But the federals are an unforgiving-forgiving lot, five million dollars worth of controlled press and thought channeling had went up in electronic smoke with the "forbidden question." Five days later (day 19) when the writer attempted to return and ask more forbidden questions he was arrested at the door and charged with "criminal trespass" while being told he was a "disruptive influence." Off to the county jail where a bond of $1000 was set. (Oh! were that but true and somehow it was within the power of this one man to "disrupt" federal tyranny!)

Though the botched federal raids are bloody on citizens, they are serving a very necessary purpose of bringing people to their senses. Abuse by ATF, Federal Marshals, or FBI agents that result in standoffs are helping thinking Americans and patriots build resistance to federal tyranny and the emerging police state. Waco is an even bigger boost to anti-government, pro-freedom forces than the Weaver tragedy, simply because more people have died, it has lasted longer, and more federal police have been mobilized. By day fifteen over 1,200 federal jack boots were in or near Waco Texas. The longer the standoff lasts the better for America, as public conscienceness is rapidly being raised and people are becoming more angry at government. The police state mentality that allows black booted, black suited, government terrorists to run rampant from door to door murdering and maiming under the color of law must be exposed. Successful standoffs do just that.

Why the raid in the first place? Several possible reasons. Gun confiscation and an attempt to demonstrate what will happen to those who resist gun control comes immediately to mind. The use of overwhelming force concentrated at a single point make resistance to gun control seem suicidal and futile, thus sending a strong message to the "they will never take my guns from me!" crowd. Media staged raids as this one most definitely was and are a calculated effort to over raw any potential opposition. Highly publicized video raids have become part of the political process. The television station film crew and reporter were there by the invitation of the ATF. They sat quietly waiting in front of the church for the ATF to begin the raid. It must be remembered that the news media have been from the beginning accessories to the murder of those inside the compound. The media has acted as trained cur dogs for the government, snapping at those pointed to, and turning the other way while murder is committed. Enough shoot outs with agents killed will insure gun control. Steven Higgins the Director of the ATF is merely carrying out orders for his political bosses. ATF agents in the field mean no more to Higgins and his Washington bosses than soldiers in Vietnam meant to Nixon and Kissinger. If their dying will disarm Americans then they will have hundreds killed. In fact the cynical bastards who run the government had much rather have their men dead than alive for they are to quote Shakespeare "Cannon fodder as good as any."

The failed armed assault on the Waco day care center (in Texas any establishment with more than 30 children cared for in it is classified as a day care center) has produced nation wide outrage against the Federals. As of this writing the exact number of people killed in the initial Federal assault is not known, it is believed however, that four women, three children and eight men were killed. As the body count of women and children slaughtered by federal snipers and assault teams grows from North Idaho to Central Texas the storm of protest and disgust with the government does also. But will that be enough?

In the days of the Roman empire, Christians were fed to lions at the Circus Maximus in the coliseum. In the modern America, the magic of television brings the circus right into every living room. The lions of today look more like Darth Vader with their black vests, gear, radios, grenades, and machine guns, but they will as viciously devour those who oppose the state, as any clawed animal ever did. The cheers that thundered through the Roman circus and rose toward the heavens as ferocious felines pounced upon victims, will be echoed in the mini- circuses of the American living room. Sophisticated techniques such as thought channeling will make equally brutal and predatory federal strike teams seem worthy of applause from the ring side seats of the unthinking.

What does the future hold? It is clear that the ATF is a national police force that can go into any state, county, city, or home in America. This police force is responsible to no one the citizen knows, but rather to a nameless, faceless, political appointees turned federal bureaucrat. Like ancient Greek Myrmidons these men will carry out unquestionably and without scruples the orders of those they serve. Absolutely no local control, accountability, or authority exists. This is the very definition of a police state. Black booted, black suited, black helmeted strike teams will enforce any federal law, mandate, regulation, order, or political dictate they are instructed to. Stationed strategically all over the country they are poised to strike any time, any place, they merely await the order.

The much anticipated and long awaited tribulation has arrived for the Davidians and the worst things will happen to them after surrender. For the rest of us the government police state is at someone else's gate today, tomorrow however, it may be ours. Little time remains for meaningless debate about other issues, for what does a clean environment mean to a slave, or a strong national defense to one who is a prisoner of police state terror? Indeed, many thinking people are completely aware that the profusion of other so called public issues are nothing more than thought channeling designed to conceal and obscure the real working agenda and objectives of those in power. The federal police state is here, as doors come crashing off the hinges and the blood of innocent women and children flows its reality cannot be denied. Each of us are now placed in exactly the same position our ancestors were in 1776. We are forced to make a decision, do we support the state or do we resist? This essay is over. Time to make your decision.



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