On Being Your Friend

Dear Susan,

In order to be your friend you require me to hate.  I reject that
requirement.  We just won't be friends. Friendships based upon
pre-conditions never last anyway, so why should we start something that we
know to be doomed to failure?

Secondly, you are not honest about your requirement to hate.  You are not
honest with me nor with yourself. You do not openly say "you must hate so
and so in order for us to be friends." Rather, you just sneakily snub me if
I do not hate to your specifications. I think your specifications STINK,
also.  You did not come up with them based on your own research and
endeavor, but got them from your television god.  Your god instructed you to
hate, so you hate mindlessly, effortlessly, just as you are told.  I am not
good at doing things mindlessly, so there is no need for me to try doing so
just to be your friend.

Susan, you want me to hate the people on your television and "People
Magazine" hate list.  If you had ever read a book, a pamphlet, an essay,
hell, just one sentence BY the people on your television hate list and
then decided you did not like what they said or stood for, that would be one
thing, but you have read nothing: no study, no scholarly attempt to seek
out the truth, no mental pondering of the facts or labouring over historical
circumstance that may have led men to make the decisions they made;
you just assumed the position (sat on your butt) before your god and accepted

HIS teachings without any effort or independent thought  by yourself.  To call you
an intellectual failure would be a gross misuse of the word intellectual, and
abuse of the word failure, for to fail one must first endeavor to accomplish.

Thirdly, you are unfair in your requirements for me to hate.  I know of some
of the dead men you want me to hate, but not all of them, as my studies in
world history, are not yet  complete.  You will be my friend or enemy based
on the people you think I should hate who lived in the last century (that
would be the 20th century, Susan).  It is only logical on my part to ask
you what people do you require me to hate who lived in the 19th century?
And for that mater the 18th and 17th centuries?  Who are the great figures
of history who are on your mandatory hate list from those periods?  Or is
your time frame for mandatory hate so limited in its perspective that it is
only for the 20th century?  It is logical, is it not Susan, that I ask
how many centuries back I must hate in order to be your friend?

Fourthly, you are very anti-European in your hate criteria.  You only want
me to hate dead Europeans.  There are no Asians on your list.  Nor are there
any Africans.  In my humble opinion it seems to me that your hate list of
dead people is very racist and anti-European.  Is there some reason for
this?  Or is it just that your television god is anti-European?  Whichever
the case, I find it offensive that you only hate dead, Western Europeans.
Has it never occurred to you that Joseph Stalin killed over five times as
many people as Hitler is said to have killed?  Why do you not require that
I, also, hate him?  Besides, Mao Zee Dung , an Asian, killed so many Chinese
peasants that he makes the deaths attributed to Hitler look small and quite
insignificant in comparison.  Does the number 100 million dead Chinese mean
anything at all to you?  It certainly does to me.  If that much suffering,
pain and misery means nothing to you, then we could never be real friends
anyway, as it means a lot to me, Susan.  Maybe, Chinamen just don't count
to you?

Fifthly, were their no women in history worthy of your hatred?  Why do you
only hate dead, European, white men?   I can think of at least two or three
women in recent history that could be hated for their cruelty and heartless
behaviour, yet you do not require any hatred of women whatsoever.  Do you
not find this strange?  As a male, I must point out to you that any
friendship you and I were to establish based upon mutually assured hatred of
dead, European, white males could only be a flirting one at best.  I am not
into self-hatred or denigration, and it just seems to me that you require a
lot of that to be your friend.

Sixthly, most of your television god's requirements to hate is based upon
group objectives--Hate Group objectives, I must add.   And I don't belong
to any groups.  Well, just one, the Disabled American Veterans, but that is
because I was killing other people your government hates--or at least, did
hate--and got hurt while doing it.  Nowadays, after thinking things through,
and much reflection upon life in general, I am a proponent of and sincere
advocate of what is called Leaderless Resistance.  I have thus avoided
successfully, membership in any group since 1981 and just can not bring
myself to join your hate group, society, association or whatever you call
an outfit that hates dead, European males exclusively.

To be your friend you want me to join the largest hate group in the world,
the one that hates dead Germans.  But these people, you insist I hate to be
your friend, died before I was born.  I don't really see any good coming
from hating dead people.  And really Susan, much of what you think about
them is hate group propaganda and not true at all. Which, of course, you
could easily find out for yourself, with just a little time in the public
library less than ten miles from your home.  And even if the tenets of your
hate beliefs were true, I don't want to belong to your Hate Hitler Hate Groupie
(HHHG).  I am basically an individualist and there are too many people in
your group already.  And quite honestly, lots of them are very ignorant
people who are just television watchers who never read a decent history book
in their life.

I like educated people.  People who form their own opinions based upon years
of personal research.  That's what I did, and I would want to be around
others who did the same.  Are you friends with anyone like that?  Well you
would be if you and I were friends.  I have spent thirty (30) years reading
history books, many of them rare, suppressed, and even outlawed in such
backward countries as Canada, Germany and Red China.  My thoughts are my
own--I do not even own a television.  So, why should I give up my mental
independence and free thinking ways to join your HHHG?

One thought that occurs to me Susan is to ask if you have ever considered
hating live people?  People like say Henry Kissinger who surrendered Viet
Nam to the Communists after 57,000 American young men died trying to keep
those people free?  He wrote off the POW's and MIA's of both Korea and
Vietnam as "not a significant concern."   Now I could really get into hating
him!  Yea, that dirty, no-good, Eastern European SOB deserves to be hated by
all Americans!  Are you affiliated with any Hate Kissenger hate groups (HKHG)?
Were I ever to get into group hatred, that would be the one for me!  And the
benefit to you of such a group would be considerable, also. You could expand
your hate horizons to Eastern Europeans of Asiatic extraction (Kissinger is
a foreign-born, Eastern European Jew of Turko-Mongolian descent.  Which
helps to explain why he found it so easy to advocate abandoning U.S.
soldiers to the tender mercies of other Asiatics.)   

Finally,  I must ask you, Susan, what are your thoughts on Sargon the
Great, or Charles Martel, the "Hammer of the Franks," and, of course,
Saladin the Great, leader of the Mohammedans?  Now, I am  no Arab or
anything, but he was a great leader of his people and I recognize that.
Does your hate list include Saladin?  For, as you should very well know, he
killed tens of thousands of Christians in the struggle over the Holy Land;
he took Jerusalem in the Third Crusade and his soldiers defiled Holy shrines
there. Does your television god require you to hate anyone who killed tens
of thousands of Christians and defiled shrines of our faith?  Just wondering.

Well, considering everything, I feel that as long as you harbor this great
hatred in your heart I just don't think we can ever really be friends.  I
want you to know that I am sorry for that, Susan.  For other than this
doctrinaire obsession you seem to have with hating dead, European, White
men, you seem like such a nice person, as well as someone whom it would be a
pleasure to know.

Sincerely  (your would-be friend)


Have you ever thought about giving up Television and taking up historical
research for a past time?

Permission is given to reproduce this essay with or without credit to the author.