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Next, consider the listening to foreign radio stations. In Europe, there were fewer transmitting stations than here in America, but they were much more powerful and in centrally located Germany you could always listen to the transmissions from Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Hungary. They all disseminated programs in German language and most of them contained vicious anti-German and specially anti-Hitler propaganda as well as outright lies about the terrible conditions in Germany under "Nazi-terror." You were not supposed to listen to these radio transmissions but most people did and it was technically not feasible to jam the powerful foreign long- and middle-wave trasmitters without causing disturbing interferences of your own radio programs. One evening, while listening to radio Moscow, the bell was ringing and there stood the lady living in the apartment below us. Her husband was the Blockwart of our building and responsible to take care of all problems of or with the tenants and to make sure that everybody behaved nicely and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the new era. How did she phrase her demands and threats? "Dear Mr. Weichardt, if you have to listen to radio Moscow, wouldn't you be so kind and turn the volume down a bit in order to avoid possible trouble for you or us." In today's Germany, under the most democratic government in the country's history, if you are found to possess two or more copies of this letter you could wind up in jail up to five years for making light of "nazi crimes" and inciting race hatred. House searches without warrant are the order of the day, confiscation of "incriminating" printed material and privately- owned office equipment are rampant and if you are lucky (and well insured), your insurance company will be stuck with the ensuing expenses if a bunch of paid ruffians burns down your place of business.

Let's go back to Nazi terrorism. There were, as everybody knows, concentration camps. Who were the inmates? Mostly vagrants, bums and, yes, some obnoxious politicians of the leftist variety (come to think of it, not a bad idea at all) who had previously caused the ire of the new rulers. Strangely enough--hardly any Jews, who after all, according to Hitler, where at the root of most of the country's troubles. According to a typically nasty postwar British anti-German propaganda movie (HISTORY OF THE SS), the pre-war population of the concentration camps never exceeded ten thousand inmates, out of a population of nearly seventy million! I should say this is pretty good, when compared with the twenty thousand penal institutions and camps (Solshenytsin, Archipelago Gulag) in Soviet Russia, which at the same time had--quoting President Roosevelt-- the most progressive government in Europe. While confined in a camp the inmates had to perform labor, I am sure sometimes hard labor, which was tough on the mostly overweight politicians. They learned new skills, were well fed and had excellent medical facilities available in case of illness or injury. After their release some actually became useful citizens.

Here I must state categorically that during my nearly six years under the Hitler regime, living at the center of power in Berlin with my father, as a journalist in constant touch with the authorities (he had, e.g., to attend, together with other journalists, confidential monthly meetings with Propaganda Minister Goebbels to obtain political directives and listen to peptalks) and aware of all nasty anti-government rumors, I had neither a single personal contact with anybody who had suffered physical harm from the authorities of the Third Reich, nor did I hear from anybody among my rather extended acquaintances that they knew of somebody who had. Yes, yes, I know there was the nasty Roehm affair, which I shall discuss a little later, and which was an interparty affair. The exodus of Jews began immediately, principally of the well-to-do and the prominent, some of whom felt that they had exposed themselves politically. They could leave with all their property but had to pay a tax of ten percent on their liquid assets according to a law already enacted under the Weimar government. This caused a major hemorrhage of German foreign exchange reserves and forced a change in the law after which, a year later, emigrants had to pay a ninety percent tax on their liquid assets and were forced to sell all their real estate. Emigrants to Palestine were eventually exempted from all taxes. The not so well-to-do, while never hindered by the German goverment, were not so lucky, because no country was willing to receive them if they did not bring along sufficient capital to sustain themselves over an indefinite period. The remaining Jews also had to suffer from the vicious propaganda which was launched abroad by the Jewish-controlled press and by some of the emigres.

Toward the end of 1933 Hitler took the first major step towards the resurrection of the Reichs authority and independence. He demanded from the League of Nations, that club of vacationing parasites on the shores of Lake Geneva, that after Germany had fulfilled all the onerous conditions imposed on her by the dictate of Versailles, including essentially total disarmement, the other signatories should now adhere to the agreed upon condition and begin with their much talked about disarmement. This was an absolutely fair demand, since Germany was surrounded by her former enemies possessing large and superbly equipped armies. Of course this is denied today, but France had the largest air force in the world, England the largest fleet, Russia the largest number of active soldiers and tanks, Poland heavily armed and sounding as aggressive as ever, the Czech army probably the most efficient of the lot and Italy, under Mussolini, was at that time still hostile towards Germany. The silence answering Hitler's demand was deafening, whereupon Germany left the League and suspended all future tribute payments coming due.

To survive economically Germany was forced to conduct most of her foreign trade on the basis of exchange and went off the gold standard. The last measure was probably the real beginning of World War II. The world's banking system simply could not permit that this upstart free his nation from their shackles. If his bold try beame a success their whole empire would begin to crumble because others might be emboldened to try the same gambit. Horrors over horrors, it did become a success. Germany's economic recovery became meteoric, unemployment disappeared rapidly while the rest of the world was floundering in an ever-worsening depression. It would take a major volume to describe the details of changes which took place in the first year of the Third Reich and the enthusiasm with which the vast majority of the people greeted the new system. When, at the end of 1933, after leaving the League of Nations, elections were called for the approval of the new and forceful foreign policy, 92.5% of the eligible voters backed the new government. Since I voted in several elections, together with my mother (!), until the fall of 1938, when I left for the US, I can assure everybody that there was never any coercion or fraud involved in these elections. The only serious crisis developed during the spring of 1934, when Hitler had to make the surely agonizing decision to liquidate his close friend, Röhm. By then the SA ranks had swollen by millions, many of them former Communists. So many people wanted to become registered party members that during the previous year a moratorium had to be declared on all further applications for membership. Röhm, as the chief of the SA, was a major power factor and had greatly assisted the rise of Hitler by supplying arms and funds from the army and securing the safety of the streets from the attacks of the Bolshevic assassins with his stormtroops. Because of the incessant hate campaign of such professional haters as Roosevelt, Churchill, Vansittart, etc. ("Germany is getting too strong, we have to destroy her again." " We will force a war on Hitler, if he likes it or not." "The coming war is not a war against the German people, but against Hitler and his Nazis;" and ad nauseam), it became obvious that Germany had to create an army which would be adequate to protect the Reich against her belligerent opponents. This was impossible without the complete collaboration of the small but very professional Reichswehr and its generals. Röhm wanted his SA incorporated into the new army and also eyed the position of minister of defense, which he considered due to him. This was anathema to the very conervative general staff. Among the SA there were many to whom the utterly peaceful takeover was distasteful and who would have liked a little more ruckus to get even with some of their former enemies. There also was a large segment among them which was left-leaning and desired a more "socialistic" approach to the countries problems. Hitler knew, of course, that, if he decided for Röhm and against the Reichswehr, he would face a major upheaval and possible destruction of all his hard-won gains. He was therefore forced to acquiesce in the generals' demands and liquidate Röhm. To avoid any revolt within the SA, this had to be done with surgical precision and cost the lives of eighty-eight men. Please compare this number with those of Stalin's contemporary purging of his army. [The homosexuality of the Röhm camorra had been reported to Hitler but the latter had been unwilling to believe it. When he learned that the clique planned to overthrow him he went personally to their den of iniquity that night and, armed with a pistol, arrested Röhm and others.]

Here is a little story about a Jewish lady victimized by the Röhm affair. Among the victims of the purge was a certain Dr.Schmidt. His was a case of mistaken identity. Not a too surprising occurance with a name like Schmidt in Germany. His Jewish wife was understandably upset about this and went in a rage directly to Hitler's office. Greatly embarrassed by the lady's rightful complaint, he not only offered all kinds of compensations but also to make her an honorary Aryan with all the ensuing privileges. She took the compensations but declined the honorary Aryan and left for the US. When she told me the story she had become the wife of a colleague of mine at the company I worked for in Binghamton, NY.

In the meantime, back in the good old USA, Mr.Roosevelt's hatred of everything German in general and Hitler specifically, became pathological. To understand his rage one must compare the rapid recovery of small resourceless country which had been held down and ransacked by its enemies with the meager results of his policies as president of the then still richest nation in the world, which was suffering under a seemingly never ending depression. While Hitler was able to raise capital through loans from the top industrialists--they must have been sitting on it during the largely distrusted Weimar regime--by giving them ironclad guaranties for repayment, Roosevelt was unsuccessful in obtaining them from the powerful capitalists in his country, who were more interested in maximum returns for their investments than in the well-being of their nation.

This situation could only be remedied by stirring up a little war which would guarantee huge profits in a revitalized heavy industry and loosen the money in the pockets of the recaltricant bankers and industrialists. It is therefore understandable that already as early as 1934--one year before the first soldier was enlisted into Germany's new Wehrmacht--plans were laid for the creation of a strategic bomber force which could only be used in the brutal extermination of the civilians of any nation trying to defend herself against an attempt to subject her to the imperialistic rule of bankers or Bolsheviks, both striving for world domination. England followed with the building of a fleet of heavily armed, long-range bombers but Germany never even anticipated the development of planes solely to be used against civilian. In a recent biography written by Germany's most prominent aircraft designer, Messerschmidt, the decicision to rely primarily on tactical airplanes was pushed through by the above-mentioned General Erhard Milch. It proved to be fatal during the coming war imposed on Germany by Roosevelt and his Kehilla of advisers. In March of 1935 the new Wehrmacht was established and every young German had to serve in the army for one year. The time of service in the French army was three years, as it had been for over sixty years!

In June of 1935 the famous Nuremberg laws were issued which laid down the condition of Jews and those of partially Jewish descent within the Reich. From that date on Jews were considered members of the Reich, enjoying the protection of the law but not full citizenship. To be a one-hundred percent Aryan, one had to prove that there were no Jewish ancestors in the family as far back as 1800. That this was possible at all shows to what length the Germans went in the effort to keep orderly records of vital data. (I mention this to show how ridiculous it is to assume that during the war there was no orderly record kept of the people sent to labor camps. Today we know as a fact, that all data were kept to the bitter end. They are available today and show that in case of death of an inmate whenever the family of the deceased was notified and the ashes returned to them whenever possible.)

At the time these laws seemed to be extraordinarily harsh, especially to those with only partially Jewish background, who had been brought up, like myself, as Christians and patriotic citizens who loved their "fatherland" unconditionally. Personally I was devastated. I could not marry the Aryan woman I loved and my application for voluntary service in the Wehrmacht was denied, probably because I was of slight built and had brown eyes and hair. This was most embittering, considering the military history of both my paternal and maternal ancestors. Today, sixty years later and observing the precipitous decline of a typical multiracial and multicultural society, I am forced to conclude that it was exactly the racial and cultural unity of the Third Reich which enabled its people to survive the monstrous assault of their enemies and to arise again from the ashes of their nation. The present effort to destroy by all means this unity through the planned influx of millions of the unwashed garbage of the Third World and systematic destruction of all traditions in the mind of the present generation shows that Germany's eternal enemies fully agree with me on this point. That this destruction procedes under the direction of a Jewish dictator (Ignaz Bubis, head of the thirty to forty thousand strong Jewish community among eighty million Germans), who rules Germany solely through the strength of American bayonets, bodes ill for the future of that nation, if he should succeed in his nefarious plans. It is high time that Americans realize that they have been reduced to the unbecoming status of executioners for the all-powerful state of Israel.

It must be mentioned, that the Nuremberg laws only applied to German non-Aryans and never to Jewish visitors travelling under foreign passports, for whom there existed no restrictions whatsoever. The Jews were permitted their own organizations in sports, culture, medicine, schools and they even had their own department at Gestapo headquarters which was staffed by Zionists who welcomed the government's anti-Jewish measures because they promoted their wished-for emigration of Jews to Palestine. There were a total of sixty training camps run by the Zionists under German sponsorship. However at this point the British objected and demanded that every Jewish immigrant must bring one thousand pounds sterling in gold (today equivalent to at least $50,000) in order to be permitted permanent residence in Palestine. The German government concluded the so-called "Transfer Agreement" with the Zionists and supplied the required funds from its scarce foreign exchange reserves to help young Jews emigrating to Palestine. About fifty thousand young Jews received this assistance which represented an outlay of $50,000,000 of pre-war dollars to the exchange-starved Reich. So much for the "planned destruction" of the Jews!

The international Olympics of 1936 presented a high point in the unrelenting rise of Germany. One had to be there to marvel at the expressions of astonishment on the faces of the guests from all over the world who had been prepared to expect a quite different appearance of a people "groaning under the yoke of Nazi tyranny. The joy at the festivities and the show of solidarity and comradeship among the youth from everywhere in the world seemed to herald the coming of a new and peaceful future. Yet, until this day, the Jewich controlled journaille repeats the stupid story that Hitler left the games in order to avoid shaking hands with America's top gold medal winner, Jesse Owens, a Negro. They coveniently forget to mention that Owens, like all the other medalists, was invited to a festive dinner at Hitler's chancellery. This included, of course, also the Jewish girl, Helene Mayer, who won the silver medal in fencing for Germany. They also forget the remarks of another American Negro athlete, who, on his return was asked by a reporter: "Did you meet any nasty Nazis in Germany?" Answer: "No, I only met nice Germans and I didn't have to ride in the back of the bus, either."

Hitler's unprecedented diplomatic successes, which, without exception, were achieved by peaceful negotiation, only increased the relentless propaganda war against Germany. This was primarily conducted by the Jewish-controlled foreign press and hostile emigrants. The Nuremberg Laws contained a specific clause, that in case of continuing Jewish attacks through propaganda or any other means, further restrictions of Jews in Germany would follow. And so they did. Most of the Jews wanted to emigrate but this was nearly impossible because no country was willing to receive them. Switzerland went so far that it asked the German government that all Jewish passports should be recognizble as such. Thereafter all Jewish passports had the additional first names "Israel" and "Sarah" added, for males and females respectively. These were names which no German Jew would have given his children. Also, a large letter "J" had to be imprinted on the first page of their passports. The murder of a very prominent National Socialist, Wilhelm Gustloff, in Switzerland by a Jewish assassin and another assassination by a Jew (the cirumstances and name of the victim have slipped my mind) exacerbated anti-Jewish sentiments in Germany. Only the USA allowed a modest amount of immigrants, if the emigrating person had a relative in the States, who was an American citizen and would supply an affidavit stating that he was willing fully to support the immigrant as long as necessary, or if the latter could bring along adequate financial means to support himself for several years. Walking across the Rio Grande at night was definitely not considered an alternative in those days. Endless lines were forming around the block in Berlin which housed the US consulate by Jews hoping to get on the waiting list which would permit them to apply for an immigration visa after several months or even years of waiting time.