Letters To Louis Beam

I have over the years received letters from some really interesting people. Perhaps though, none has been more interesting and informative than the one from Heinz Weichart, a German Jew, who lived in Germany when Adolph Hitler was elected to office in 1932.

Heinz Weichart, was a really dear man, who is recently deceased. Upon meeting, we became friends, and I greatly enjoyed his company and truly brilliant mind. The world is a lesser place without him...

  A letter from a Russian History Professor


I selected the letter below not for the laudatory comments, please feel free to skip over them,
but for the "Katharsis" he speaks of.  I have received many letters from Viet Nam vets who understood that feeling.  But this one was not from a vet of that war but from a Russian on the other side of the world.  Yet he KNEW, he understood what is being said in " A Card and Cookies."  Despite great distance between us, language barriers, which he has overcome, cultural differences, and the time that has elapsed since the war, my essay reached all the way to his heart.  I was touched by this.  I know now, that at least one Russian, shares with those of us who served in Viet Nam a singular emotion: a deep sense of loss at the wasted lives spent in a government sponsored no-win war...  I believe, that it is only a matter of time until essays like mine above, appear from another solider for the now current war in Iraq.  How long will American parents continue to sacrifice their sons and daughters to the god of no-win wars?  For we will not win there. We cannot possibly win.  For there is nothing there for us to win.  We can only lose young men, and now thanks to the feminists among you, young women are also dying.  The war is not for oil as some have been led to believe.  The oil companies gain nothing by this war.  Oil will sell from Iraq for the world market price no mater who rules Iraq. The war is for Israeli foreign policy.  To destroy the enemies of Israel.  Now this is not necessarily a bad thing if you support Israel. But the men and women of America's armed forces dying in Iraq have not, just like the men who fought in Viet Nam, been told the truth about why they must die.  It is the truth that I call for, nothing else.  If Washington told the truth then those who wish to fight for the security of Israel could do so with full knowledge of what they fight for.  But to die for a lie? That only produces essays like "A Card and Cookies..."


(edited for brevity)

August 2005

Dear Mister Beam!
I read "A Card And Cookies" for my mother some days
ago. She was crying. Me too. The Greeks called these
tears and this unusual state of soul and mind
"Katharsis", - tragic and mournful, wrathful and the
soul` cleaning katharsis. Katharsis, which gives the
great hope at the end.
I can't express all my feelings, which are coming from
the bottom of my heart, and which are seizing me
completely, when I am reading this essay. and "The
Last Trench", and "The Baseball Hat", and "The Night
Mission", and "It Was A Very Good War", and "The
Revolutionary Majority", and "Kosovo", and all,
all of your articles and essays, which since Spring,
2003 became one of the strongest supports of my
personality, and my heart, and sole, and reason are
almost merged with your ones.
"The essence is not in the words: eyes are crying, and
heart is wounded and warmed at the same time,
tranquility is coming into the soul, and thoughts are
firm and clear", - Sergei Averintsev, modern Russian
Christian thinker and poet.
And thank you very, very much for the great
contribution to the White, Aryan, Christian - our
common! - Heritage! I have two thinkers, whose
reflections and ideas are 100% consonant with my ones,
and I feel firm spiritual intimacy, comradeship,
fraternal feelings and close relationship towards
them: they are Aleksei Konstantinovitch Tolstoy and -
Louis Beam. Dear Mister Beam, your thoughts are
reaching the very best in myself, and make me - this
sinful, and weak, and unworthy guy - much better, and
stronger, and kinder. You've managed to change
something in my life, something extremely important.

Yours sincerely and truly,
xxxxx xxxxxxxx, xx  years old, Cossack by origin,
historian by profession.

P.S. I tried to read "A Card And Cookies" yesterday
evening, but I could not. I began to cry tears, again.
I am not a sentimental guy at all, but. I can't read it
without tears.


In 1998 a Japanese professor of International Relations read an essay by Louis Beam on the senseless bombing of non-combatants in Dresden Germany the last days of World War II.  The Professor wrote expressing his admiration for the essay.  Along with his letter to Beam came a book written by the kindly professor entitled "How I survived the A-Bomb" an unimaginable ordeal of horror personally experienced by the professor as a child.  

After reading it I wrote the following essay revealing my thought on the bombing of  Hiroshima.



>>>Dear Mr. Beam,

I am writing to you and I am still in shock from what my eyes are reading.  I
cannot for one second believe that I finally see a person fed up with what is
going on and decided to pursue the solid truth and also risk himself for it.

There are no words to express my ultimate inspiration and respect for you. 
Being an Arab, I can relate to what you say.  People like myself used to think
that only our leaders were filthy dictators who did not believe in free
speech.  And that only here in the 'Land of Freedom' you can say whatever you
want. Actually people here are made to believe that image so they would not
challenge it, but are secluded mentally by propaganda.

This is just a word of thanks and inspiration,
not to take too much of your time,
I can only say, please please watch out and take care
and beware. I am looking forward to hear more writings from you about the 'War
On Terror' hoping that it would also enlighten me and more people in this



>>>I will try to be as professional as possible in this correspondency but I don't know if my emotions will overtake my logic and if I will become totally anti-Louis Beam.   This is the first time that I have read any of your work, and the first piece that I read was the about the oppression of blacks by the racist, conniving white community of America.   I just happen to be white, and I bet you wouldn't think that a white person would be reading your letter but I stumbled upon it.  I am 17 years old and I am from the great state of Kansas (to give you a little background).   In response to your essay, I believe that you are among the black Americans in the United States that are still living in the pre-civil rights era of the 1960's and before.   In the United States today, black people are more racist than whites.  I'm sorry but it is blatant in the way that every day black and white citizens act and interact.  It can be seen by viewing a classic example, the music video "Falling," by Alicia Keyes, a black artist.   In this video she portrays dozens of black women in prison uniforms working in the fields with white, intimidating guards with billy clubs standing over them, threatening them with death.   If this isn't a racial stereotype than I don't know what is.   If one thinks about the current situation clearly and examines the reality of the racial situation in America, he would see that if a white person made the racial stereotypes that black people make in the everyday media, he would hung from the highest tree.   He would be an outcast, and exiled from this land of liberty.   The greatest double standard in history exists in the United States and you are a part of the hypocrisy.  Yes, you were right, when I was reading your essay I did think that you were talking about black people, because most of what you said is true.   Why is it that in the land of the free when a black person is racially profiled or violated that the community is up in arms, but when a white person is no one even lifts a finger in his defense?  It is racial profiling on a national scale, and you are one of the perpetrators.   Look at the facts Mr. Beam.   It is evident.   Blacks are more racist than whites in America.   If you would like to read a good book on the subject get, Ten reasons why blacks are more racist than whites in America.   I'm sorry I forget who wrote it, but I do remember that it was a black man who was very well educated.  I intend to get the book soon, so I might share some of its points with you.
Please write me back with your opinion.
Brandon <<<


>>>Greetings and salutations in the Name of Yahweh, brother Louis:

I pray this gets to You as I want You to know, few writings have moved Us as much as Yours. Like a song sung from the heart, several moved Us both  [My wife and I] to tears. Thank You so much for all  Your extraordinary efforts and You and Your family's sacrifices.

May Yahweh watch over You all.

Blessed is he who comes in the Name of Yahweh. <<<


Dear Louis.
A friend gave me your website address.
I am grateful he did. Yours is a wonderful voice in the human miserable
wilderness where a former great nation is committing crimes against
humanity on a scale which boggles the mind.
I am a survivor of the holocaust by saturation bombing of the second
world war and your essay I CRIED TEARS FOR DRESDEN brought back memories
of that time when our days and nights were filled with horror which
battle hardened German soldiers feared more than facing the enemy in
Where is America now ? A guarantor of peace ? A guarantor of honour.
The spirit of a new proud republic died in the American Civil War. The
evil which subjugated the civilized South grew exponentially and is now
trying to take over the world under the pretense to bring DEMOCRACY.
Give the gullible, malleable masses pulp magazines, action movies, soap
operas, government propaganda disguised as news while they still wave the flag
for America the Free. You see, what happened to your father is happening
all over.
When we, born into a time of a promise, hardened by fire, condemned as the
aggressors in this epic horror for mankind called WWII, vilified ever
since, point to terrors like the destruction not only of Dresden but ALL of the
German cities and the loss of live of so many thousands we are met with
Not a word of compassion. If it were not for people like you one could
despair for the future. Thank you for your spirit, courage and compassion.


God you are a treasure!
I have been reading your essays here and there for the past couple of
months. I am a died in the wool Nathan Hale and your world criss-crosses
mine on several levels- My uncle was LRRP (173rd) I was 82nd (2/325) and my
family lives in the same town that they settled in 1703 (Hopewell, NJ) where
a signer of The Declaration of Independence (John Hart) still lies.
This afternoon I read "LOVE". Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. This is the
stuff which would make awesome, inspiring film if that sort of thing were
still being made. I especially loved the part about your wife fainting and
you carrying her away from your victory over the system. The coda about the
juror and the defendant was the capper.
Like you I have drawn my own line in the sand. I raise my children with
pride and an understanding of where they come from and where we ought to be
heading and what that might cost them if they desire to be true to
I was equally impressed by "The Last Trench". I immediately copied it and
sent it to my father who lives in the next town. His love of truth is the
foundation upon which I have built my life work and I know that he will be
equally moved.
Best to you Louis. May you live long and love with abandon. Your work is an
inspiration to more good and honorable men and women than you can imagine.
Too bad you aren't sitting in the White House.
Your Loyal Reader-


>>>Dear Sir:
        I've just read the above essay, "The Last Trench".  It's fabulous!!  It moved me tremendously, and makes me hope with all my heart, that I will have that much intestinal fortitude to do my ancestors proud.  I, too, can foresee the day when we will be faced with manning our own last trench.  I have friends all over the country, and I can honestly say that our trench will be populated with Yankees, Rebels, Hippies, and Cowboys.  Personally, I'm an honest to God, Native Floridian, but I travel all over for work.  I'm headed right back to your site to read more!!  Keep on keepin' on!
Central Florida<<<.

2002   (Note:  The following letter was not actually written to me, but since it was about me I decided to include it here, as I think it helps those who have never met me to gain some valuable insight..)

August 11, 2001

Dear Mr. Hall,

 I would first like to say "Hello", and introduce myself.  My name is Thao xxx and I am a Sociology student at the University of xxx, in xxx.  I am full blood Vietnamese and was born in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), Vietnam.  My parents and I came to the U.S. in 1975 due to the turmoil of the war.

  I am currently taking a Social Movements course, and one of the assigned readings is a book by William Zellner, Counter Cultures. As I skimmed the book, I came across the name Louis Beam.  The author classified him as a "Survivalist" and described him as a preacher of violence and a White Supremacist who hated all Blacks, Jews, and Asians, especially Vietnamese (due to the conflict w/ Vietnamese fisherman in Galveston, TX).  I am appalled by these lies about Mr. Beam.  You might wonder how I know him.

 Over a decade ago, he met and married Miss ST.  My father was very close friends with Miss S's father, Mr. T.  They had worked together, lost their jobs together, and studied the Bible together and worshipped Yahweh together.  Mr. T introduced my father to Mr. Beam, and they became friends.  He has had dinner in my home and has been kind to all of us.  He has taught my father a lot about the Scripture, and my father has passed it on to me.  I am mortified by the things that have been written about Louis Beam in this college curriculum text!!!

 If you happen to come by him, please tell him that my father, Phat Ha and his family say "Hello" and send their best wishes.  Yahweh bless him and protect him.  I knew that the trial in Ft. Smith Arkansas was ridiculous.... Yahweh set his people free.


 Thank you and God Bless You,

 Thao xxx


Recently I received the below letter where detailed to me was how once again the thought police put me on their "ten most wanted list" for something I have said or written that exceeded the mental speed limit of social acceptability. For your enjoyment I enclose my reply.
First the letter to me:
Hello Mr. Beam,
"Skull Wars" by David Hurst Thomas includes the following statement...
Louis Beam, an Asatru spokesman, is a former Texas Klansman and "Ambassador
at Large" for the Aryan Nations. In his broadly circulated article "Dead
'Indians' Don't Lie" Beam cites public statements by scientists on
Kennewick-Man-as-Caucasian to support his view that that American was first
settled by whites (and, by implication, rightfully "belongs" to their Aryan
descendants). He "jokingly speculates" that "this was the first incidence of
'cowboys and Indians' with the Indians winning." So viewed, Kennewick Man
becomes the Great White Hope and this is why Asatruans promote a details
scientific investigation as a "means by which this long-dead kinsman of ours
can tell his saga and renew his glory."
My understanding is that you are a Christian, and have never been an
Asatruar, let alone an "Asatru spokesman".  I have added a debunking of this
and other false statements in recent PC books to my website, and I am hoping
you have the time and inclination to address this "Asatru spokesman" comment
so that I may add it as well.
With respect,
Eric (Hnikar)
Odin's Nation News 
Now for my reply to Mr. Thomas and his book "Skull Wars."
Thank you for the interesting quote by Mr. Thomas from his book "Skull
Wars." I hate to sound ignorant here, but I have no idea what the
"Asatru" society is. Though I am sure I have heard the name mentioned in
the newsmedia in reference to the Kennewick remains. 
As a Christian, I, of course, reject Paganism, though not the people who
practice it, as that is a matter of religious freedom. I have no
association with the Asatru society and to my knowledge have never met a
single person who is in it. While Pastor Butler of Aryan Nations did
award me with an honorary degree of "Ambassador at Large" in 1981, that
position expired in 1983 and was passed on to others, so Mr. Thomas's
information on me is at least 17 years out of date. If the rest of
his research is as inaccurate and out of date as this segment, then I
would suggest his book is only suitable for hanging on the wall of an East
Texas outhouse, where it could then be put to appropriate use.
You should be aware that Mr Thomas, and those like him, do not
care one whit what the truth of the matter is in reference to Kennewick
Man, or for that matter, the truth about me. They create their own virtual reality of
events, history and acceptable opinion, and then, like all good
Stalinists, expect everyone else to agree with their views. Indeed, long
after their view is presented they expect us, like the listeners to
Stalin's speeches in the Politburo, to continue clapping, lest we be seen
as an enemy of the state.  I refuse to clap and thus have become an
enemy of the state.  
As I point out in my essay ( http://www.louisbeam.com/kennewick.htm ),
establishment archaeologists are in for some retraining and thus, they can
only attack the messenger, not the message --- a typical tactic of
those fearful of addressing issues that will expose their
ignorance, deliberate lies or both.
For all those spokesmen, like Mr. Thomas, of a dead and dying, foppish
intellectualism that perceives any new or energetic inquiry as a threat
to their somnolescent mediocrity, I say, "Go to sleep!" We don't need
your stinking, self-created, virtual history of politically correct
platitudes designed to further your degenerate and decaying social
In closing, I would further point out that Kennewick Man is not
our "great white hope," as alleged by Mr. Thomas in his book. Nothing
that occurred ten thousand years previous will save or condemn the
present generation. Rather, "our hope" is that the present generation
consist of sufficient quantities of stalwart men who, rather than fear
truth, embrace it, and thereby commit themselves to not repeating the
mistakes of the past. 
I might add, that it would be nice, also, if that future included being
free from the social thought police and incompetence of the likes of
Thomas and his clan. 
Louis Beam   

This letter is included only because I feel it significant that they show
my Estas Park speech in a college philosophy class. Is there still some professor
who cares to present the other side of the story?  Apparently!


>>>Hello Mr. Beam,
I am a college student and I recently saw one of your videos, where you
speak of the Weaver family and the demise of our government, in a philosophy
class. I am curious as to your feeling about our current administration.  It
seems to be that they are violating the Constitution as never before, and
yet no one seems to care.  I may be wrong.  I am curious as to your thoughts
on where you think we, as a nation, are headed.
How are you?? On your web page, you mention that your health is declining
due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. I hope you are better.
I guess that is it. I just found your web site and thought I would take this
chance to write you.  Thank you for all that you have done.


I can't imagine what the world would be like without your inspiration.  In my
darkest moments I have turned to you for guidance and inspiration throughout
the years.  Having been on the receiving end of  that, I KNOW the gratitude
those who read your letter below felt.  Thank you for the compassion and love
you have extended to the Serbians --- and for caring.  Your value to all who
seek freedom is eternal.

With love and respect,
In a message dated 6/19/99 8:33:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time, louisbeam@aol.com

<< Greetings To Serbian Patriots from Texas
 Expect no justice from the United States Federal government.  We here in
 Texas and the South, echo with pain the same crimes against our heritage,
 people, culture, and faith that the Serbians now experience in Kosovo and
 elsewhere.  Since the American War Between the States (1861-1865) in which
 300,000 Christian Southerners died at the hands of the federal government we
 have seen our country occupied, abused, and dominated by godless,
 anti-Christian forces of the Northern United States.
 Today over a hundred years later, the Great Satan (the federal government of
 the United States) still occupies us with tens of thousands of FBI, ATF, IRS
 and other Police State agencies.  We have lost control of our destiny and
 regaining it is extremely difficult.  Despotism, whether in Texas or
 Yugoslavia, is no less destructive or distasteful to those it lords over.
 For any people the essence of life is self-determination; the natural right
 to be the master of its own national existence.
 They bomb your churches, your civic buildings, your homes---they did all
 this to us and more.  Entire cities in the South were burned to the ground.
 And it has not stopped.  As recently as six years ago in a city of Texas
 named Waco, the federal government used tanks, helicopters, planes, snipers,
 and finally fire to burn a church with almost a hundred men, women, and
 children in it.  They send men dressed in black, with masks over their
 faces, with machine guns to our homes, offices, and churches if we fail to
 live by their oppressive rules or pay their blood money which they call
 taxes.  They destroy our children with their propaganda, lies, and hatred of
 all that is good, honourable and just.
 My advice to the Serbs is to work for the future, to maintain your faith,
 and plan, plot, and dream of the day when you can liberate your country from
 the enemies of God.  Never give up, never abandon your principals, and
 remember that future generations depend upon the courage of today's
 Declare your natural right of self-determination. Declare your intent to be
 free! Whether it takes one generation or ten. Bid your enemies to leave now
 or stay and soak your soil with his blood, fill your rivers with his bodies,
 and furnish his whitened skulls for road markers of tyrants former glory.
 From one Texas Southerner who still carries on the struggle for his people I
 say to the brave people of Serbia:  "NEVER SURRENDER!"
 Liberty or Death, I Know No Other Way,
 Louis Beam

Despite what the media and professional hating watchdogs would
have you believe, I often receive letters from people of Jewish extract written in a friendly
inquiring tone.  I always  take the time to answer them as I feel it important to engage in
dialogue with those people seeking answers to questions or misconceptions created
by the bought prostitutes of the newsmedia and the overpaid pimps in the federal government.
This letter was written by a Jewish man in New York state.  We exchanged several cordial
letters.  Here is one of them.

>>>Dear Mr. Beam,

After I wrote my message, I returned to your web site and noticed the
letters to you from Heniz Weichart. I read a considerable portion of what he
wrote, however because the historic events that Mr. Weichart refers to in
his letters were often not previously familiar to me, I found a lot of what
he had to say difficult to really understand, especially after only one reading.

You said in an e-mail message:
"I would suggest that you offer a voice of moderation to those in your
racial community who are pushing men beyond what they can endure.  By doing
so you set yourself apart from those mendacious people who constantly attack
men like myself for believing different than the herd."

I know there are Jews who pursue the accumulation of wealth without regard
to whom they hurt, especially if those they hurt aren't Jewish. Some of them
were members of my extended family as I was growing up. I heard them make
remarks that indicated, unmistakably, how they valued Jews, and disliked
non-Jews. They assumed, erroneously, that in the presence of other Jews,
including children like myself at the time, that crude expressions of
disrespect for non-Jews were perfectly acceptable, but they hid such
thoughts from non-Jews. Even as a very young child, 7 years old, or 8, I
recognized that these relatives of mine were crude. For some reason, these
small-minded, inconsiderate people were usually the most obsessive about
their Jewishness, and usually considered Jews to be better than non-Jews,
without finding it necessary to have a sensible reason for considering Jews
to be better. In contrast, I always thought it was obviously more accurate
to conceive of myself as being a human being first, and a Jew second. I
didn't find it any more acceptable to hear Jews express the idea that Jews
are better, than to hear people of other ethnic groups express the idea that
their ethnic group is better. Mind you, this doesn't mean that I am
*ashamed* of being Jewish; it just means I disapprove of the actions of many
Jews, just like I disapprove of the actions of many people from other
ethnic groups. I never saw why I shouldn't be at least as disgusted when
Jews act crudely and inimicably, as I am when non-Jews act crudely and

All of my vile relatives are economically well off, and I live pretty much
in poverty. I don't believe that a *voice* of moderation, either a spoken
voice, or the "voice" and "tone" of a writer, at this point in time, would
have any effect on their actions. Things have progressed to the point where,
unfortunately, other ways of making changes, than simply speaking and
writing about what moderations of certain Jewish people's behavior would
make good sense, will have to be utilized. I believe it's way too late for
me to try to have "a good talk" with my vile relatives, and try to
"straighten them out" into behaving like real human-beings.

About three years ago, the last Jewish relative I spoke to, my sister, told
me she intended to no longer have any contact with me, and that if I didn't
know why she wasn't going to tell me. I would guess that she is probably
still an advertising executive, involved in "direct marketing" of products,
for various companies, in the San Francisco area. She spoke of writing
advertising "copy." When I mentioned that I thought I had some writing
skills that might be useful in writing advertising copy, she informed me
that she believed I had skill at describing information and events
accurately and interestingly, but that it was erroneous to think that the
aim of writing advertising copy was to inform people (not that I thought it
was), and that in fact the real aim of writing advertising copy was to
*misinform* people, so that people would believe that a product or service
could do all kinds of things for them, that it really couldn't do, but that
they were wishing it might be able to do, while at the same time the copy
writer must know how to phrase things so that they can avoid being held
accountable, by anybody in authority, for misinforming people, generally by
misinforming people in such a way that later you could always say that what
people thought you meant, wasn't really what you meant, and so that those
with jurisdiction in such matters would be able to find some excuse for
being able to state that they found this assertion of yours to be credible.

I guess she didn't want to offer me a job at her company.

Though she is much better off than me economically, she has never offered
to help me in any honest way, but rather I have observed her contriving to
steal significant amounts of money from me, and she has succeeded in
stealing small personal possessions from me. She is very different than me,
though she is approximately as Jewish as I am.

I have already been "set apart" from many people simply by expressing
thoughts that aren't the thoughts that the herd wants to have (seems I've
committed some "thought-crime").

You and I have struggled to figure out who we are -- ourselves, from within
-- and we have learned how to resist imagining who we are, according to what
we see written on labels that someone else has stuck to our outside skin.
People who read such labels, in order to figure out who they are, make it
easy for the labelers to divide and conquer them. Perhaps we can make life
more difficult for labelers.

I may be an persistent, independent thinker, *but I don't have nearly as
much factual knowledge of history and current events as I would like.* I
always have a rapacious appetite for more information.

You wrote "I am somewhat shocked that you have not let yourself be poisoned
toward me."

Actually, I have not found all that much specific information about you on
the internet. Many of the negative comments I've read about you, on the
internet, are simply "guilt-by-association" assertions of a sentence or two,
rather than specific quotes of allegedly malevolent assertions you made, or
specific descriptions of allegedly malevolent acts you performed.

After reading an essay you wrote on the subject, I subsequently saw your
idea of "leaderless resistance," spoken about, more than once, with the kind
of concern you might expect people to have in response to a shrewdly
conceived, organized plan of attack. Yet to me, your essay on "leaderless
resistance" seemed like it would be more correctly described as a fearfully
arrived-at recommendation that it would be safer to avoid *organizing* an

I want to learn as much as possible; I want to expand my horizens; I want to
hear objects and events described, and described well, from a number of
different viewpoints, in order to get as good a view, as good an
understanding of the objects and events, as possible. So I've intentionally
sought out, and listened to people who take different sides on issues, even
if my inititial human tendency might be to disagree with someone, for
whatever reason, before even hearing what they have to say -- *especially*
if my inititial human tendency might be to disagree with someone before
hearing what they say. One of my main criteria for deciding who to read --
is simply how well they write -- can I understand what they are talking
about? The fact that you are good with descriptive language, and are a good
writer in the sense of being able to get people interested in what you have
to say -- makes what you have to say interesting, whether I agree with your
opinions or not. The important thing is whether I can verify the things you
state to be *facts.* I'm not worried about your opinions, conjectures, and
hypotheses; if I found out that you intentionally misrepresented *facts,* I
would be poisoned toward you.

By the way, I have not served in the armed forces, but I am in the same age
group as Viet Nam veterans. I tend to *cherish* our Viet Nam veterans, and
want the best for them, despite the fact that I don't know whether what the
United States did in Viet Nam was a good idea or not. I am not surprised
that the government, reprehensibly, doesn't always treat veterans properly.

Again, I know very little about what is going on in the world. I'm trying to
learn; I am struggling to try and find out. Often people erroneously assume
that because I am better than most people at articulating things, once I've
learned them, that I must be more intelligent than most people, and that I
must learn things more easily. I don't think I am particularly intelligent;
I often find it's quite a struggle to learn things.

I've had a successful vegetable garden for several years, in about 800
square feet of space, though I've used Haber-process industrially-produced
commercial nitrogen in addition to nitrogen from my large compost piles and
from green-manures. I would prefer to be able to have a farm that
self-sufficiently relied upon compost and green manures (and that was
operated by an extended family). I am also learning a bit about seed saving
and plant breeding. This year, however, I've had problems with continued
access to garden space.
xxxxxx Zuckerman
xxx xxxxxxx Drive
xxxxxx, NY xxxxx<<<