Heinz (continued page 6)

Since there seems to be no shortage of "Holocaust" survivors around the world, I should like at this point to mention some more revealing statistics. According to a carefully conducted population study by Sanning (The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry), which takes into account the flight of Jews from these areas before the war as well as the evacuation of more than two million Jews by the Soviets in the areas soon to be occupied by the advancing German armies (they were dropped somewhere in Siberia and left to shift for themselves), there were about 3.5 million Jews who were left in the domain occupied and controlled by Germany, which reached from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. As, of course, everybody knows, six million of them were murdered by the vicious Nazis. Yet only a few years ago I read in the German-language, Jewish weekly "Aufbau" from New York the proud announcement, that already more than four million "Holocaust" survivors have received financial restitutions from Germany! To comprehend these numbers to be simultaneously as correct must take a mathematiccal genius of Einsteinian dimensions. Looking into my latest World Almanac (1989) I also discover some astounding facts. Remembering the Jewish declaration of war against Germany--not against the Nazis!--in the London Daily Telegraph of March 1933, it said that fourteen million Jews worldwide stood behind this declaration. Subtract six million, which leaves eight million.

According to my World Almanac, which bases its numbers on Jewish sources, there were 18,075,400 Jews worldwide (pg.591). For reasons unbeknownst to me the breakdown of this number by geographical regions totally suppresses the roughly four million Jews in Israel! In a recent book by the Russian-Jewish author Sonya Sallmann(?), which exposes the true extent of Jewish control in Soviet Russia, it is claimed that the present count of about four million Jews in Russia is simply ludicrous and a number of ten million would be by far more realistic. This would leave the worldwide Jewish population at well above twenty five million! A remarkable recovery by a people whose leadership constantly bemoans the frightfully low birthrate of Jewry. I should also like to mention that the recent reduction of more than two and a half million from the roster of supposed victims in Auschwitz has not even made a dent in the six million trumpeted on a daily basis by our "free democratic" media. Finally I want to state my firm conviction, being thoroughly familiar with German efficiency as well as the attitude of eastern Europeans towards their Jewish host populations, that, if it was decided by the Germans to exterminate the Jews, they would have solved this problem promptly and without encountering any gigantic logistic problems, by simply putting up posters announcing to the indigeneous populations that from now on there was open season on all Jews. The Jewish problem would have disappeared permanently within a few weeks or maybe months.

The sickening continuation of the war by other means is the main reason for my writing these compressed memoirs of mine, hoping that some people, by reading them, might change their minds about Germans and their National Socialist government. I have always regretted that I was not permitted to serve Germany in its time of great need and feel absolutely no resentment because of Hitler's racial policies. To the contrary, I am convinced that the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were an absolute necessity and if they could be enforced throughout that part of the world which still considers itself white they would prevent a coming disaster of unimaginable dimensions. Only a highly disciplined, racially and culturally homogeneous nation, like Hitler's Germany, could have achieved the unprecedented recovery from nearly total destruction and loss of practically all resources and one third of her territory to her sadistically vengeful, victorious assassins. The systematic effort to convert the world into a racial cesspool will lead to a condition which was predicted by Hitler seventy years ago in his fundamental work, Mein Kampf. These are his words: "If ever the Jew succeeds in conquering the people of this world by means of his Marxist ideology, his crowning achievement will be the dance of death of humanity. The planet will then move through space without a human being, like millions of years ago."

With my very best wishes for you and your wife, I am always yours

Heinz H. Weichardt